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Easter Egger Chickens

If you are hoping for a basket full of colour and hens that don’t disappoint in temperament and aesthetic, the Easter Egger Chicken is the right bird for you flock. These friendly and curious chickens are known to lay a spectrum of beautiful eggs, from olive to pale blue, from nude to blush, Easter Egger …

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Showgirl Silkies

Simply put, a Showgirl Silkie is a unique cross between a silkie and a naked neck chicken (also lovingly referred to as a Turken). The face only a mother could love.  What is a Showgirl Silkie? Again, a Showgirl Silkie is a cross between a Silkie and a Turken. You may find large pictures in this …

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Lavender Ameraucana

Let me introduce you to the Lavender Ameraucana, the showstopper of bearded beauty chickens. Not to be confused with the Easter Egger, Americana, or the Araucanas, the Lavender Ameraucanas are a show stopping breed all their own and their luminescent colour is unequalled in the poultry world. These stunning chickens shine like polished silver and …

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Rare Breed Chicken Hatchery

Whether you want to buy rare chicken breeds from a hatchery or make a hatchery of your own for rare chicken breeds, there are few things you should know. What exactly falls under the category of a rare chicken breed and what should your hatchery be like to support them? Read on to find what …

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