Lavender Ameraucana

Let me introduce you to the Lavender Ameraucana, the showstopper of bearded beauty chickens.

Not to be confused with the Easter Egger, Americana, or the Araucanas, the Lavender Ameraucanas are a show stopping breed all their own and their luminescent colour is unequalled in the poultry world.

These stunning chickens shine like polished silver and have the temperament of the most amiable hens.

If you can find a quality breeder, they make a great addition to your backyard flock.

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Lavender Ameraucana
Lavender ameraucana chickens may well be one of the most stunning and radiant hens on the market. Their simple silver splendour is unrivalled.

Lavender Ameraucana – Breed History

While the ameraucana is a relatively young breed, originally developed in the 1970s and achieving acceptance in the early 80’s by the APA, it is a show stopping and adorable breed in the chicken realm.

The Ameraucana breed was forged in necessity as a response to the overwhelming mortality rate (50% of unhatched chicks perishing while in the shell) of the parent breeds, the Aruacana.

The genetic beauty of combining the uniquely tufted Aruacana recessive gene is what caused the striking mortality rate and thus the need for a more successful reproductive breed.

Lavender Ameraucana – Stats

  • Comb: Pea
  • Legs: Slate
  • Colour: Lavender
  • Egg Colour: Blue
  • Egg Count: Average 180 – 200 annually
  • Size: Rooster 7lbs | Hen 6 lbs (considered a reasonable dual purpose breed)
  • Temperament: Docile

Lavender Ameraucana – Breed Benefits

Lavender ameraucanas, like any ameraucana breed, have some added perks when considering your backyard flock.

  • Winter Hardy

Their fluffy feathers and pea comb make these chickens excellent cold-hardy birds.

Great plumage to retain heat and a tiny pea comb that avoids frostbite in the harsh winters.

  • Mild and Playful Temperment

Everyone wants a cuddly hen and the ameraucanas do not disappoint. With the right handling, your lavender ameraucana may have you considering the feasibility of a house chicken.

PS: if you do ever consider a house chicken I *highly* recommend you look into the adorable chicken diapers.

Lavender Ameraucana

Lavender Ameraucana – FAQs

How do I know I have a Purebred Lavender Ameraucana?

There are many imposters when it comes to the world of coloured egg layers and specifically Ameraucana chickens.

Be sure to look for a small pea comb, recognized colouring (currently the APA only recognizes Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten and White but is well on it’s way to recognizing Lavender) and blue eggs.

Interesting note: your local 4H club may actually already recognize the lavender ameraucana as an official breed, they may just call it “Self Blue”.

Easter Eggers are commonly marketed as Ameraucana’s but, because of barnyard breeding and mixed genetics these chickens often are not in standard colours and can lay a range of coloured eggs from brown, light green, pale blue, and even olive.

What is the Difference Between a Blue and a Lavender Ameraucana?

There is a subtle, yet obvious, difference in the colouration of a blue ameraucana and the lavender ameraucana and that is the depth of colour in the plumage.

The darker the colouring the more “blue” the bird.

Lavender Ameraucanas have almost a glowing radiance in their splendour. Their light grey-blue feathers seem to be illuminated in the sunlight and shine like the moon.

To say that they are simply breath taking in the simple elegance is an understatement.

What is “Self Blue”?

Self Blue simply means that the colour variation will breed true so long as both parents are purebred lavender chickens.

Can You Sex an Ameraucana Chick?

No. Not easily anyway.

A purebred ameraucana chick will have a pea comb which is nearly impossible to gender identify as a chick.

Even in adolescence, it can be extremely difficult to differentiate a pullet from a cockerel.

One tip for sexing a pea comb:

Peas of three, it’s a he.


Whether you’re looking for a show stopping bearded lady, or you want to spice up your flock with a friendly feathered beauty, the lavender ameraucana is the overall perfect pick.

While they aren’t daily layers, they are consistent in their laying, have an outstanding temperament, and are overall gorgeous.

Find a quality breeder and add these all stars to your flock today.

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