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How Do Chickens Sleep?

Chickens can sleep sitting down, curled up in a little ball, or stretched out on the ground with their legs and necks extended. No matter how your chickens may choose to sleep, so long as their coop is built to accommodate their preferences, they should be able to sleep through the night and wake up …

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Why Can’t Chickens Fly?

Chickens can actually fly, but there are several surprising reasons why they don’t. Because modern domesticated chickens have large bodies and small wings, they are too heavy to get very high off the ground. Smaller chickens can and do fly short distances. The modern domesticated chicken is the result of 10,000 years of selective breeding. …

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Noises Chickens Make: 4 Categories and What They Mean

Chicken noises can generally be grouped into four categories—alarm noises, conversational noises, reassuring noises, and proclamation or assertive noises. Alarm noises include noises to signal for the presence of predators and or other threats, conversational noises include chatter between members of the same brood, reassuring noises are generally exchanged between mother hens and chicks, and …

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How to Catch Chickens: 6 Ways

In this article, I’ll discuss some of my hard-learned best practices for catching chickens. It’s not difficult, but doing it right is important for the safety of the animal. The Best Case Chickens are easiest to catch when they’re hand-tame and bonded to you. This will make it easier to handle the chicken for medical …

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What Do Chickens Eat?

The best thing about raising chickens is that chickens can eat just about anything. While there are certain foods that they have to avoid, for the most part, chickens are incredibly resilient and can adapt to a varied diet. Whether your chickens are free range or barn raised, the wide variety of foods that they …

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Do Chickens Pee?

Do chickens pee? An odd question, yes, but an answer there must be. Interestingly enough, birds do not have a urinary bladder or external urethral opening (with the exception of the ostrich). A common myth regarding how chickens pee is that they urinate through their skin. The result of protein digestion in mammals is urea, …

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