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7 Easy Tips for How to Care for Chickens


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Raising chickens is pretty simple, but caring for them to ensure they stay happy and healthy is a bit more complicated. Fortunately, chickens are fairly low-maintenance pets that will pay for their upkeep in egg production if you raise them correctly. 

Like all living things, chickens need food, water, shelter and enrichment. Here are a few tips for keeping your flock healthy and happy: 

7 Tips to Keep Your Flock Healthy and Happy

1. Give Them Plenty of Space

White chicken in grass

Chickens need at least two square feet of room per bird of indoor living space in a coop. They also need at least 10 square feet of space to roam and forage. Keeping chickens in cramped quarters will result in stressed out, sick birds. 

2. Provide a High-Quality Diet with Ample Protein for Egg Production

A commercial laying pellet is ideal. Supplement the diet with free forage in your yard or provide scratch grains and the occasional kitchen scrap as a treat and to provide enrichment. 

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3. Keep the Coop Secure

You’ll want to keep the chickens fenced in a covered enclosure to keep away predators like hawks, coyotes and cats. 

4. Provide Veterinary Care as Necessary

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Most chickens are healthy throughout their lives, but you will want to take some preventative measures such as buying vaccinated chicks and providing treatments for lice and other common ailments as they happen. 

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5. Keep the Coop Clean

You’ll need to change out the bedding frequently to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease. You’ll also want to collect the eggs daily. 

6. Provide Dust or Sand for the Chickens to Bathe in so They Can Keep Their Feathers Clean

You’ll also want to keep their feathers trimmed to prevent them from flying away.

7. Show Them Lots of Love

Chickens make excellent pets and keep your yard free of bugs — and by extension your cats and dogs free of ticks!

And they give us lots of delicious protein in egg form.

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Isn’t it time you hugged your chicken? 😉


Chickens need minimal daily upkeep to stay happy. If you can provide the basics of food, water, and shelter, you can easily care for chickens with just a spare hour or two each day. Of course, you may find that you want to spend more time with them as you discover their unique personalities and develop a bond with these surprisingly charismatic birds. 

7 Easy Tips for How to Care for Chickens

Random Chicken Quote:

"People talk about fools counting chickens before they hatch. That's nothing. We name them."
-- Orson Scott Card, Alvin Journeyman

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