Best Backyard Chicken Coop for Suburban Homesteads

Fully assembled chicken coop

Once you’ve decided to purchase a chicken coop instead of building your own, the number of choices available on the market today can seem a bit overwhelming. In this article, we’d like to help you narrow down your search by reviewing 5 of our favorite pre-made chicken coops for your backyard.

These chicken coops were chosen based on customer-satisfaction and for a temperate climate and suburban location. You can also use this guide to help you identify options you like from what we consider some of the best chicken coops for your backyard. These are smaller, more compact, and have a nicer, more fashion-forward appearance.

Did I really just use fashion-forward to describe a chicken coop? Well, take a look at what we’re selected below, and I think you’ll agree that they’re the best chicken coops for a smaller yard.

If you’re new to raising chickens, be advised that having a chicken coop is a necessity and should be planned to offer maximum protection for your chickens from sunset to the break of dawn.


Because chickens can hardly see at night so they’re easy prey for predators — and yes, there are indeed predators who will happily enter your backyard to feast on fresh chicken meat.

In this article we’re going to review the following chicken coops:

5 of Our Favorite Pre-Made Chicken Coops

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop with Nesting Box...
73 Reviews
Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop with Nesting Box...
  • Air will go through from the bottom slabs...
  • Side nesting box with divider for 2 hens use...
  • Solid rain-resistant fir wood construction...
  • The box can fit 3-4 normal grown up...

Amazon product data was last updated on 2019-10-04.

Perfect for 3 to 4 small to medium chickens, the Petsfit Outdoor Chicken Coop comes ready to assemble and has multiple panels that can be removed for easy access and cleaning. In my opinion, this is one of the best chicken coops I’ve seen.

The solid wooden design makes it a nice piece of outdoor furniture that won’t stand out harshly, but rather allows your flock to integrate smoothly into the design and appearance of your backyard and your home.


  • Panels in the bottom of this coop slide out to make cleaning easier, and the attached nesting box can be opened to make removing eggs a simple process.
  • The build of the coop is sturdy and durable, and it comes with a 1-year warranty against any unexpected damage.
  • The fir wood construction of this coop also makes it an attractive purchase for people who don’t want a coop that sticks out in their backyard.
  • The simple design and soothing color of this coop will make it seem like an extra piece of furniture in your backyard.


  • The fir wood construction is certainly attractive, but it’s not built for extreme weather. If you live in an area that sees a lot of heavy rain, you may want to consider other options.
PawHut 83' Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop with Covered Run and...
101 Reviews
PawHut 83" Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop with Covered Run and...
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE: Different from those 67"L x...
  • LARGE OUTDOOR RUN: This backyard chicken coop...
  • COMPACT FOOTPRINT: Its compact, low footprint...
  • WELL DESIGNED: A variety of accommodating...

Amazon product data was last updated on 2019-10-04.

With a large run enclosed by high-durability metal mesh, the PawHut Backyard Chicken Coop is a good alternative both for people who live in the suburbs and in rural areas. The fence protects your chickens, while the large run gives them plenty of room to forage and explore.


  • The sheltered area of the coop sits on top of the run to provide the maximum amount of space, and the material of the sheltered coop is easy to clean once the chickens have been turned out into the run.
  • The open construction of the run also allows for good circulation of air even during the warmest months, while the coop itself is well insulated against changes in the weather throughout the year.
  • Because the chicken coop is actually stored on top of the run, your chickens will have more room without taking up as much space as other commercially available chicken coops.
  • In addition, the entire roof of this coop lifts up on a hinge, so that you’ll be able to reach inside to clean or collect eggs.


  • Unfortunately, because the mesh wiring is such a major part of the construction, this is not the ideal coop for your chickens if you’re worried about wild predators. A sufficiently determined dog or coyote could bend the wire and gain access to your coop, so if you live in a more rural area, you may have to reinforce the walls.
PawHut 144' Large Backyard Hen House Chicken Coop w/Long Run
56 Reviews
PawHut 144" Large Backyard Hen House Chicken Coop w/Long Run
  • Large outdoor run for optimal space to roam
  • Wood is well ventilated but keeps your...
  • Sliding window allows controlled airflow for...
  • Assembly required, all necessary tools...

Amazon product data was last updated on 2019-10-06.

The pretty wooden structure of this coop makes it a sturdy choice for chickens in most neighborhoods. In addition, the size of the extra long run gives your chickens plenty of room to stretch their legs, while the two-level construction in the traditional-looking coop allows for up to six medium-sized birds.

Nesting areas are stored off to the side, so that you can easily access your coop for cleaning, or reach into the nesting areas to collect fresh eggs. Construction is wood throughout, with metal wiring on a wooden frame surrounding the run.


  • According to reviews, this coop is particularly easy to construct, which makes it perfect for beginning farmers.
  • The large run area is a good way to ensure that your chickens get plenty of exercise, while the spacious coop provides enough room for large and small birds alike.
  • Because it’s made mostly of treated hardwood and wire, it’s light enough to be easily moved and cleaned, which makes it a good choice for areas where changes in weather may necessitate moving the coop.


  • The lightweight build makes this coop perfect for moving, but it may also see some damage if it is left in extreme weather for long amounts of time. The wood may warp if it is left out in the rain, so make sure it’s in at least a semi-protected area of your yard if the weather where you live is more extreme. To protect against the warping effect, try sealing the inside of the coop with paint or a sealing product so that your chickens will stay warm and dry.
  • On a cosmetic note, the color of the coop may surprise you upon arrival, as the wood looks more orange than it does in the pictures, but this can be easily remedied.
Trixie Pet Products Chicken Coop Duplex with Outdoor Run,...
354 Reviews
Trixie Pet Products Chicken Coop Duplex with Outdoor Run,...
  • Suitable for up to 6 standard size chickens...
  • 2 Sleeping houses with removable roosting...
  • 2 Nesting houses with hinged roofs, removable...
  • Spacious outdoor run with partition door to...

Amazon product data was last updated on 2019-10-05.

If you’ve got a larger flock–or just a couple of larger birds–the Trixie Pet Products Duplex provides plenty of space for as many as 10 medium-sized birds. You can leave the large run open for chickens to cross between the two “houses”, or you can close the partition door in the middle to keep different birds separate.

The run is also very easy to access, with latched doors on the side and top, for when you need to get a hold on one of your chickens quickly, and the nesting houses feature hinged roofs for easy removal of eggs.


  • The coop is easy to set up and comes with all parts, including extra screws, included. The wood is high quality, and a sturdy fit to keep your chickens warm even on cold winter nights.
  • The larger size of both the run and the coop area itself means that this coop can fit two large-breed birds, or up to six medium-breed birds. The center divider is a good way to restrict access if you want to keep your roosters and hens separate, or just if you want to separate your flock into laying hens and brooding hens.
  • As mentioned above, this coop is also very easy to access for cleaning or for removing eggs and chickens. The roofs on the nesting area are latched, and there are multiple entry points into the run and the roosting area, so that you can remove the eggs without difficulty, or place a new chicken directly into the roosting area without having them pace through the run first.
  • Finally, the design of the coop is sturdy, attractive, and makes a great addition to any farm or backyard. The two houses provide plenty of room for chicks and grown chickens alike to scratch and peck beneath the coop, and the run is large enough to allow them to forage at length for their extra pickings.


  • Unfortunately, the same features that make this coop so convenient for humans also make it convenient for predators. The hinged roofs do not have a closing latch over the nesting areas, so you may want to secure those roofs with a latch of your own to keep predators like raccoons from finding an easy feast.
  • This coop isn’t completely water and airtight, so if you choose this one, you may have to add a little bit of sealant after you’ve assembled it, to make sure that your chickens stay warm and dry.
  • Finally, the steeper grade of the ramp up to the coop may be difficult for older chickens, or for any chickens when the weather is sufficiently nasty. On rainy or icy days, you may want to put a tarp over the coop to keep your chickens from slipping and sliding on the ramp.
Merry Pet Ph0030010402 Habitat Coop for Chickens, Red Stain
7 Reviews
Merry Pet Ph0030010402 Habitat Coop for Chickens, Red Stain
  • Red with White trim
  • Open area coop with nesting area
  • Both the coop and nesting roof opens
  • 2-Door coop

Amazon product data was last updated on 2019-10-05.

This last coop features an iconic red barn design with white trim–but despite its homey design, it made our list of favorites due to the high degree of protection it provides against predators.

The long, slanted roof provides a strong barrier against the weather while simultaneously allowing your chickens room to run and forage while under the protection of the coop’s sturdy frame.

Able to comfortably fit four medium-sized hens, the nesting box is attached to the coop, as is the case with most of the other coops on the list, but with a strong latch to prevent raccoons and other predators from opening up the nesting box when you’re not around.


  • As mentioned above, this coop is built to withstand any outside forces, weather and animal alike. The frame is noticeably heavier than some of the other options on this list, and the thick roof and walls are designed to keep your chickens safe all year long.
  • The coop comes ready to assemble, with hardware and instructions included, and, once built, has a cute design that will feel right at home in rural neighborhoods and suburban farms alike!
  • The run underneath the coop is sheltered by the long, slanting roof, which serves as a barrier against weather, so that your chickens can stretch their legs no matter what, come rain or shine. The hardwire construction on the walls of the run means that your chickens are certain to be safe from predators as they forage throughout the day.


  • The heavier build of this coop helps it stand up to any outside threat, but it does also make it difficult to move, so if you’re planning on using a semi-mobile coop, you may want to look into fitting wheels or skids onto this coop while assembling.
  • In addition, because the coop is built for safety first, it’s not as spacious as some of the other coops on the list, and while the advertising lists it as being able to fit “up to 4 hens”, this is really the best chicken coop for small-breed chickens or else for no more than two medium or large-breed birds.

The Best Chicken Coops Are Often Very Personal Decisions so Choose Wisely

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best pre-made chicken coops available.

If you have a recommendation for a chicken coop — especially one not on the list — or want to share a retail provider that you prefer, please let us know in the comments!

Because chicken coops are such a crucial part of raising chickens, your personalized feedback can help beginning chicken farmers make the decision that’s right for their flock.

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