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  • How Many Chickens Are Just Right?

    The answer to this question can vary from person to person depending on their need for chickens. Someone who wants chickens for meat versus an individual who wants chickens as pets can change the factor to this equation. Normally, an average livestock keeper holds anywhere from 12 to 15 chickens; 14 hens and one rooster. …

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  • How to Maintain the Right Temperature for Chickens?

    Keeping your chickens in optimal temperatures is crucial for sustainable egg production and better livelihood. Here are a few simple tips to ensure that your chicken is well-tempered.  How to Keep Chickens Cool? Ice Their Water Icing their water is perhaps the most effective way to ensure that your chickens don’t overheat in extreme conditions. …

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  • Do Chickens Pee?

    Do chickens pee? An odd question, yes, but an answer there must be. Interestingly enough, birds do not have a urinary bladder or external urethral opening (with the exception of the ostrich). A common myth regarding how chickens pee is that they urinate through their skin. The result of protein digestion in mammals is urea, …

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  • How Do Chickens Reproduce?

    This question can seem quite complicated to the novice in chicken biology but is, in fact, simple when compared to others fowls (birds). There are a series of steps that take place before and after the hen is ready for reproduction. It is vital to comprehend that only hens can lay eggs and roosters are …

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  • What Color Eggs Do Chickens Lay?

    Many factors contribute to the color of a chicken’s egg — the subspecies being the most impactful. At the beginning of egg production, all eggs are white, but both genetics and age alter the appearance of the egg. It takes a chicken about 26 hours to produce an egg; twenty of those just to form …

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  • Chicken Egg Laying: The Complete Guide

    Everyone buys eggs. We use them in cooking, and some people use them for shampoo and beauty treatments. Our dogs, who get a shiny coat from them, love eggs. We all pay the price for the eggs, though, no matter how we use them. Have you ever wondered how your life could be changed by …

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