About Sorry Chicken

Well hello there – and welcome to Sorry Chicken!

My name is Charles and I’m the guy responsible for this crazy website. The name, Sorry Chicken, is just a playful & fun way to make the site more memorable.

Our story began in 2012 when my family bought a dozen chickens. Not knowing a lot about chickens at the time, we thought it’d be interesting – and funny – to buy a bunch of different breeds and bring them up together … as a big family. In hindsight, this wasn’t the best idea, but that’s what we did – we bought a pair of chickens from across 6 breeds for a total of 12 hens.

6 breeds of chickens; a total of 12 hens
There they are – 6 breeds of chickens for a total of 12 hens!

We initially raised them for their eggs and to keep our big yard free of bugs, but eventually, they became our pets. We built a chicken coop for laying and let the chickens during the day run around as free-range backyard birds.

Sadly, many have moved on, but 8 years later … we still have 3 going strong!

Chickens are curious animals. Ours each had a name and a unique personality. They’d peck at our big dogs (seemingly without fear), and yet would run from anything else that moved!

So I created Sorry Chicken (and a Facebook and Twitter page) to answer many of the questions I initially had concerning chickens.

I hope this site adds a little value – and some entertainment – to your experiences with your chickens. 🙂

Thanks for checking out our site!

Charles Joseph